“When Alex paints from reality, something about who he is mixes with what he sees to create the magic” says a client who commissioned a portrait in oil.

Alex’s influences range from the great international masters of the Hermitage to the Australian wilderness.  He has exhibited his works throughout Europe, America and Australia.  His art works are eloquent articulations of his perceptions of the beauty and spirit of his subjects.   His work spans genres from classic portraiture to imaginatively combining Central Asian decorative colours with classical European and Russian traditions.  His art often reveals a profound inner life, and sometimes touches on tumultuous as well as serene themes.

Alex employs a number of styles in portrait making.  Drawing or outlining often showcases the first expression of a character,  and sometimes this first expression reveals true depth.  His approach to colour and form, and the social and spiritual role the artist has in exploring ideas of expression that have been in circulation throughout the arts from  ancient times to this day comes through in a variety of his works.  The classical version of the portrait as an art form is much loved, and is often executed in 0il on canvas.

Alex can be commissioned for a variety of art works in different media: oil paintings (oil on canvas or board); acrylics (on canvas); watercolour (on paper); pastel paintings (on paper); charcoal or graphite drawings (on paper); sculptures (in clay or other materials).

As an oil portraitist, Alex is able to paint beyond photorealism, and interpret personalities with uncanny skill.  As decorative art in the home, his portraits provide both inspiration and aspiration.

Wade Ashley, portrait photographer


Alex accepts commissions for portraiture in a variety of mediums, some examples of which are show here.  Different medias provide scope for exploring and revealing subtleties of character in different ways, and also provide greater choice for works that will be diplayed in the home and form part of a collection or an interior scheme.


“Portrait of Pru”.   Pastel on paper.  Drawing or outlining is very good for showing  the first expression of a character,  and sometimes this first expression reveals a greater truth.


“Portrait of the Young Lady”.  Acrylic on fired clay.   Sculpture in clay lends itself to colour and form.  The tactile nature of the material adds a timeless spiritual dimension to artistic expression.


“Portrait of Ester”.  Oil on canvas.  Oil is one of the most classic media for artistic expression, providing a broad scope of colour and contrast as well as textural dimensions.

Private and Public Art Commissions

In addition to portraiture, Alex Nemirovsky can be commissioned for general works of art in different media including oil, acrylics, watercolour, pastel, charcoal and graphite.  Alex may also be commissioned for sculptures and mosaics worked in clay or other materials.

Please contact Alex to discuss details and ideas.

Example Commissions

Lady of St Kilda

public commission

Balaclava Station, Carlisle St, Melbourne
Commissioned by the St Kilda City Council in 1993
Restored by the City of Port Phillip in 2014/2015

On the bottom of the Sea

private commission

Ceramic and sea stones on wooden panel. Private commission for exterior wall of the client’s home.